"Stroke 4 Stroke" 
For every full paying customer, Remake Up will offer a free Medical Permanent Make Up procedure to patients who cannot afford the treatments and have one of the following health conditions; Alopecia (loss of eyebrows) , Cancer (Areola & Nipple reconstruction), Scars or Burns from an accident, an offense, etc.  When you use our services, you will feel better outside and inside, as you will be having a huge impact in someone's else live. The best thing is that you will not pay any £ more for your procedure.

"Giving Fridays"
Every Last Friday of the Month, starting on the 28th of April 2017, we will be accepting bookings for our free Medical Permanent Make Up procedures. If you are interested in receiving a treatment, want to sponsor a treatment or just want to know more about our "Giving Fridays", please get in touch.

Support our Giving Fridays!