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giving fridays

This is our flagship programme. Giving Fridays were created to help those who suffer psychologically as a result of the physical effects of medical conditions such as cancer, alopecia, or the treatments associated with them. The suppor from U-Hatch @GCU, UnLtd, The Lottery and Foundation Scotland, means we are now in a position to offer free treatments to these people for at least one day each week, through their Giving Fridays. If you think you can benefit or you know someone that could, just get in touch. We are here to help.

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ReMake UP uses the profits from beauty focused permanent makeup to offer free medical permanent make up procedures for those with Alopecia (loss of eyebrows), Cancer (Areola & Nipple reconstruction), scars or burns, and simply cannot afford them. What does this means for you? Every time you buy a service, product or voucher from us, you are doing so much more than that! Indeed, you are making a generous gift for those you cannot afford the treatment and would actually benefit imensely from it.

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Every pound donated goes straight to our Giving Fridays
— Cristina Bernardino